Orchestrion Ornament & CD Set

This Orchestrion Set includes the 2013 Holiday Orchestrion Ornament and the CD Orchestrion Favorites at The Frick.

The Frick Welte Style No. 6 concert orchestrion was made in Friedburg, Germany, and was purchased in 1892 at the recommendation of Mr. Frick’s business partner, Andrew Carnegie.  This oak-cased instrument replicates nine instruments from an orchestra: bass drum, snare drum, organ pipe, a brass section of trumpets and trombones, flutes, piccolos, triangles, and cymbal.  The Frick model originally worked by clock mechanism weights, but in 1904, Mr. Frick had it electrified.  During 1990 and 1991, the orchestrion was restored by Durward R. Center at his shop in Baltimore. To this day the orchestrion still continues to play in the enclosed porch of Clayton.

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