Bug Repellent Essential Oil Bracelet

The Buglet bracelet is an essential oil diffusing, re-useable, slap-on bracelet that helps repel mosquitoes and other pesky nibblers.  Each kit includes a slap bracelet (with a pumice stone 'head') and a bottle of repellent oil.  The pumice stone absorbs then diffuses the oil to consistently release scent.  This leaves the wearer in control of the protection level because you can 're-load' the scent as desired.   

These soft and sweat-resistant bracelets are perfect for sensitive skin (oil never touches the skin) and great for sensory issues (no rubbing/spraying involved). They are also reusable with no expiration date. Buglet is great for everyday wear - free of the worry of chemicals and mosquitoes. 

Each bracelet comes with one bottle of repellent oil and are CPSIA tested and DEET free. Color options include blue, purple, and green. Repellent oil ingredients are citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, peppermint, and geranium.

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