Basket Phaeton Ornament

This brass ornament, produced exclusively for the Frick Art & Historical Center, features the Frick family's Basket Phaeton carriage. 

The Frick’s purchased their Basket Phaeton for $1,175 in the summer of 1903. It is one of many the Frick's bought from Brewster and Company, then one of the nation’s premier carriage makers. A popular vehicle for summer pleasure outings, carriages like the Basket Phaeton were driven almost exclusively by women because their sloping fenders and low entrance made it accessible to ladies in full skirts. The carriage was upholstered in light-colored fabric to avoid any possibility of soiling the ladies’ summer whites. According to her daughter Helen, Adelaide Frick was “an excellent horsewoman and it was her love for horses that caused Mr. Frick to collect such a large number of horses and carriages.”

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