Grow Pittsburgh Garden Journal

This handy Garden Journal, created by the local nonprofit Grow Pittsburgh, is a “how-to, when-to guide” for gardeners. Taking notes and keeping good records can turn a functional garden into a thriving one. Flipping through last year’s (or last month’s) journal entries can quickly address questions like “Where did I get those great strawberry plants?” or “When was last year’s first frost?” This journal provides tips and tasks for each month of the year along with spaces for note-taking, creating garden goals, keeping a garden log, and even an area to plot your garden for each season. Happy growing!

Grow Pittsburgh, an urban agriculture nonprofit that teaches people how to grow food and promotes the benefits gardens bring to neighborhoods, partners with the Frick to promote sustainable agriculture and locally-grown food. In addition to providing a growing space for the organization in the Greenhouse and kitchen garden, the Frick serves as a training site for new farmers. 


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