Porte Cochere Ornament

Audra Azoury works out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, designing cut metal jewelry and ornaments by hand with the help of modern cutting edge technology. All of her work is composed of materials from the USA. 

This steel ornament measures 2.5" diameter and features a detail of Clayton's porte cochere and is part of an exclusive custom line created by Azoury, inspired by the Frick's architectural elements. Each ornament comes on a festively colored ribbon for hanging. 

Our three rivers and rich land, abundant in natural resources, fueled an industrial age of iron, glass and steel. From Earth and industry a proud town emerged. Steel bridges span our rivers and connect our diverse neighborhoods. We have seen once booming communities turn to ghost towns, and once again begin to flourish. We have watched as our once polluted rivers and skies turned from gray back to blue. We have proven that we are more than survivors, we are innovators and achievers.

I join industrial materials, modern cutting technology and gritty urban finishes with clean, subtle designs to create jewelry which is both visually interesting, and also a conversation starter. I am interested in the stories that our surroundings have to tell. Our world is shaped by our actions. How will our actions, and the actions of future generations affect our landscapes and environment?

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