Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons

Pop off the cap and pop on a smile as you color your way to sunny bliss! Say hello to Gel Crayons. Vivaciously colorful, completely unique - welcome to a whole new world of creativity and personality. Fun for any day or a rainy day.  These gel crayons write on paper too. AND they can be transformed to water colors - just use a brush and add water. And no more scrubbing to get art off the car window. Nope. These magical crayons are water soluble and wipe off with ease. Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons - 12 pk Magical crayons for drawing and watercolor on most surfaces Bring smiles to rainy days or any day Encourage art and imagination Gel Crayons write on windows, mirrors, paper When wet, paint like watercolor on paper Includes 12 gel crayons: orange, red, pink, purple, sapphire blue, sky blue, lime green, forest green, yellow, peach, brown, black Water soluble, wipes off with ease Non-toxic

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