Winter Sweet Earrings

A passionate relationship with art and a love of fashion is what brought Shari Dixon to jewelry design.  Her motifs incorporate natural elements such as flowers, leaves and feathers utilizing shell and wood as a canvas behind her pieces. They are then sealed with a resin that preserves the forms and immortalizes their fragile, otherwise fleeting lives.

Winter sweet is a name with perfectly describes its chief attraction, that of scenting the air in winter for many yards around. The petals are yellow and as seen in this jewelry, put into a pressure cooker until the membranes can be brushed away with only the skeleton of the petal remains.

Winter sweet is a shrub which is not planted as often as it deserves to be. It has many merits. It bears its exotic looking, fragrant flowers right through the winter, from November onward.  Its only fault is that it takes some years to come into full flowering.

These plated earwire earrings is made with genuine pressed Yellow Winter Sweet and is resin set in an antique brass pendant.

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